Ranjin Raj on ‘Queen Elizabeth’: Musically, it stands different from all my other movies – Times of India

Ranjin Raj on ‘Queen Elizabeth': Musically, it stands different from all my other movies - Times of India

Queen Elizabeth‘, Acting My Jasmine and Narayan in the lead roles, hit the big screen today, December 29. The music of this film directed by M. Padma Kumar Ranjan Raj. The musician is reuniting with M. Padma Kumar Again, and his collaborations in the past, especially ‘Joseph’, made quite an impact among music lovers.
As the film hits theaters today, Ranjan Raj has confirmed that the film is unique compared to all his other films. The music is different from his previous films.
“Today marks the release of ‘Queen Elizabeth’. I am extremely happy to collaborate with Papiton @padmakumarmanghat for this completely different genre,” Ranjan Raj said in his note.
He also expressed that ‘Queen Elizabeth’ is a good film and urged the audience to watch it in the nearest theaters. “Watch it in theaters near you and enjoy this good film that resonates with everyone. I assure you, it has some extraordinary moments, and musically, it stands apart from all my films. Thanks to @mranjith_ and @sreeram_manambarakkat. Thanks to my lyricists, singers, musicians, re-recording team and technical team. Thank you all!” Ranjan said.
Check the notes here.

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‘Queen Elizabeth’ revolves around a rebellious lady named Elizabeth played by Meera Jasmine. The film also marks Meera Jasmine’s reunion with Narayan, and their collaboration has previously yielded some phenomenal films like ‘Achuvante Amman’, ‘Ore Kadal’, and ‘Manamanenkottam’.

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