Putin warns new Nato member Finland of ‘new problems’ – Times of India

Putin warns new Nato member Finland of 'new problems' - Times of India

New Delhi: Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Finland was “now in trouble” after that. Joined NATO. earlier this year.
He said this on the same morning that he claimed he had no interest in talks with any NATO member.
President in an interview on state television Vladimir Putin It pledged to establish a “Leningrad Military District” along the Finnish border and concentrate troops there, Yahoo News reports.
He said what do they need?
Putin has also stated that he has no territorial disputes with NATO countries. Earlier in response to the US President Joe BidenPutin dismissed Russia’s claim that Russia would not stop after Ukraine as “nonsense”.
Russia currently occupies parts of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.
Biden’s statements find support in the history of Putin’s Russia, which has backed various proxy movements in neighboring countries, attempts to establish separatist zones and the deployment of Russian troops allegedly to “protect” local residents. is known for.
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