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New Delhi: Preliminary investigation report on the recent Sulkyara The collapse of the tunnel A number of reasons have been identified for the accident at Uttarkashi, including misalignment of the project.The shear zone‘ and the contractor is carrying out the ‘re-profiling’ work without taking proper safety measures knowing the weaknesses of the stretch going through the past record of the cavities. The report also mentions how the contractor did not get approval for the work procedure NHIDCL.

‘Not just a tough mission but a war’: Chief of firm involved in Uttarkashi rescue operation

TOI has learned that the report submitted by the expert panel to the Road Transport Ministry on Friday pointed to inadequate deployment of sensors and equipment, which capture ground behavior during the reprofiling work, so that Necessary precautions can be taken. The disaster also highlighted the lack of proper oversight by National officials. Highway and infrastructure development Corporation (NHIDCL), a company under the Ministry of Road Transport, and its authorized Engineer.

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Shear zone refers to highly deformed, weak and thin rocks due to regional stress and such zones require special attention, more monitoring of ground behavior and more support to avoid any accidents. Re-profiling is done in tunnel projects to correct irregularities like cavities and any defects before final lining. In this case, re-profiling was required because an adequate support system was not initially provided immediately after excavation.
Sources said the report also mentioned that potholes had formed on two previous occasions, indicating that the contractor should have been more careful while working. He added that the NHIDCL should have ensured strict supervision and monitoring of the work as a senior official of it said that the tunnel had experienced 21 minor collapses (cavities) before the major one. As a result, 41 workers were trapped for 17 days.

The report also suggests ways to avoid such accidents in future. It recommended setting up a tunnel center for road and railway, developing a new one Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for tunnel safety and a “geological cooperation framework” on the Gati Shakti platform for better planning and execution of projects, particularly in the Himalayan region.
The panel comprising Border Roads Organization, Railways and two professors will submit its final report after reviewing the detailed project report, design reports submitted by the project contractor and geological mapping.

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