Popular actress Kang Sung Yeon and husband headed for divorce | Korean Movie News – Times of India

Popular actress Kang Sung Yeon and husband headed for divorce | Korean Movie News - Times of India

In a surprising turn of events, Beloved Actress Kang Sung Yoon And Pianist Kim Ga On Decided to part ways. The actress’ management Dear ENT recently revealed that the couple Divorce It was due to the difference in their personalities.

According to Dear ENT, “Kang Sung Yoon got divorced due to their personalities clashing.”
Adding to the unfolding story, the actress’ label shared that Kang Sung Yoon will have custody of her two children.

Expressing concern for the welfare of the youth, the statement emphasized that the actress is particularly worried about the possible emotional scars on her children.
Dear ENT revealed, “Kang Sung Yoon has custody of the children. Since the children are young, the actress is worried that they will be scarred.”
Interestingly, the divorce confirmation comes after a recent revelation by pianist Kim Ga On. He revealed that the couple had been living separately for almost a year. Kim Ga-on opened up about the reasons behind her decision, citing differences in values ​​and lifestyles as the main factors.
“Because we have different values ​​and lifestyles, we often had problems, and we crossed a line this time last year. The divorce since then has been very similar to our marriage,” Kim said. Ga On shared.

Kang Sung Yoon, a popular actress with a portfolio including hit dramas such as Happy Together, Three Guys and Three Girls, and Wife Return, married Kim Ga On in 2012. Circumstances surrounding unexpected divorce.

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