PM Modi to inaugurate Ayodhya airport, hold road show on December 30 – Times of India

PM Modi to inaugurate Ayodhya airport, hold road show on December 30 - Times of India

Ayodhya: Prime Minister Narendra Modi On December 30, he will hold a road show in Ayodhya and address a large public gathering after inaugurating the newly constructed Marida Prashotham. Shri Ram Ayodhya Airport and Ayodhya Railway Station.
“The PM will flag off the rails. After that, PM Modi will address a public rally on the ground next to the airport. He will travel from the airport to the railway station, so it will be in the form of a Roadshow. Arrangements are being made to welcome them,” Divisional Commissioner Gaurav Dayal said.
According to official information, the Prime Minister’s roadshow will be about 15 km long, and will pass through NH-27. The Dharma Path, Lata Mangeshkar ChowkRam Path, Tedhi Bazar, Mohbara Junction to Ayodhya Railway Station.

A review meeting was held on Saturday with top officials of the district as well as officials of the Ram Mandir Tirth Kshetra Trust.
“All facilities are available in the hospitals. The Chief Minister is also reviewing this. For higher level services, we will have a backup plan from here to Lucknow. The Prime Minister is coming on December 30. Airports and railway stations. has been prepared. The first phase is going to be inaugurated. It is estimated that after January 22, around 50,000-55,000 people will come to Ayodhya every day and the administration is busy with preparations.” Dayal said.
District Magistrate Nitish Kumar said, “Prime Minister will first inaugurate Ayodhya Airport. Then he will go to Ayodhya Railway Station on a road show. He will flag off the Vande Bharat and Amrit Bharat trains. After that, the Prime Minister will return. Airport by road where he will address a public meeting.
According to sources, Modi will stay in Ayodhya for 2 hours from 12 noon to 2 am. He will reach the temple town by a special flight soon after the first flight lands at Ayodhya’s newly constructed airport at 11.20 am.

UP: Ayodhya city lights up before Rama Pratishtha of Ram temple.

In view of the security arrangements, the holidays of policemen and other security personnel have been canceled till December 30.
The police have issued notices to the owners of houses and shops along the route of the Prime Minister’s road show and around the railway station, seeking information and identification of the Prime Minister’s family members.

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