Pilot program for renewal of H-1B visas to start in early 2024 – Times of India

Pilot program for renewal of H-1B visas to start in early 2024 - Times of India

MUMBAI: A pilot program that will definitely allow H-1B visa holders To renew them H-1B visa Within the United States (US), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) – has been cleared by the Executive Office of President Biden, putting the pilot program one step closer to implementation.
TOI reported in October that a draft of the pilot program had been sent to the OMB for review by the US State Department, the executive branch of the federal government responsible for foreign policy and relations.
The pilot program to be implemented in January-February 2024 will initially cover only 20,000 principal applicants and not their dependents who are on H-4 dependent visas (ie: spouses and children). . However, the US State Department has publicly stated that it plans to expand the pilot program to cover H-4 visa holders and other nonimmigrant visa categories in 2024 and beyond.
Julie Stift, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, posted on LinkedIn, “When we consider our efforts to modernize the visa process, it may ultimately have the most far-reaching impact. Sufficient preparation It is very exciting to see the renewal of the domestic visa on the horizon later.”
Persons on H-1B visas, a significant number of whom are Indians, are expected to benefit once visa stamping is allowed in the US, although the full benefit will only be available when the pilot program is extended. and their dependent visa holders will also be included.
While US visa holders who renew or change their immigration status from within the US can stay in the country for the duration of their valid visa status, the problem arises when they want to travel outside the country. are For example, an H-1B visa holder, arriving in India to deal with an emergency, needed to obtain a visa stamp at the US Embassy. The pandemic brought to light the difficulties that such persons faced, as visa appointments were not available in time. Many found themselves stranded in India for months – unable to resume work in the US or join family members who had stayed behind in the US.
Stufft was earlier quoted by PTI as saying, “In India, the demand (for US visas) is still very high. Waiting six, eight and 12 months is not the time we need. And (it’s) not an indication of how we see India. “We want to make sure that Indian travelers get appointments as quickly as possible. One way we do this is through the Domestic Visa Renewal Program, which focuses on India. We are piloting it,” he had said.
By the end of December 2023, the State Department is expected to publish a notice in the Federal Register explaining who is eligible for stateside visa renewal, how to apply, and when the agency will accept applications. will start
While stamping was previously permitted within the United States, it was discontinued on July 16, 2004, due to various security-related requirements such as the collection of biometrics. The State Department said it was not possible for them to collect biometrics for applicants from within the United States.

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