People from other states expect Gujaratis to excel: CJ – Times of India

People from other states expect Gujaratis to excel: CJ - Times of India

AHMEDABAD: The Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court on Wednesday remarked that Image of Gujarat optimisticthe people living in the state must excel and measure up to the expectations of the people of other states.
After taking notice, the Chief Justice said that the Junagadh district administration has not been able to solve the problem of plastic litter on the way to Ambaji and Dattatre temples. Girnar hill..
A bench of Chief Justice Sunita Aggarwal and Justice Anirudha Mai pulled up the government for failing to make the district collector implement the court order and constituted a committee to come up with a concrete solution to prevent plastic pollution on the hill.
The court suggested that merely banning plastic would not solve the problem. Authorities should provide alternatives to plastic water bottles. Citing the example of Gur Haram, the Chief Justice said glass or steel bottles can be given to pilgrims to collect, and they can fill them from the kiosks made for them.
The court criticized the behavior of the authorities in taking court orders lightly and said that it is not enough that matters are put in order only when the court commissioner visits the place.
“In Gujarat, you are expected, people outside Gujarat expect you to do this, otherwise, they will say it doesn’t look Gujarati, it is the style of people who come to Gujarat, they are you. And if they find something (shortcoming), they will always say that it doesn’t look like Gujarat,” the chief justice said and added, “You (Gujaratis)) has to excel because of people’s expectations.”
Petitioner’s counsel Amit Panchal pointed to various government schemes to address the issue, saying it requires the will of the administration.
The court gave the state government till January 4 as the last chance to come up with a positive solution to curb the scourge of plastic on Girnar Hill.

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