Park Sung Hoon of ‘The Glory’ fame acquires a swanky $1.5 million apartment – Times of India

Park Sung Hoon of 'The Glory' fame acquires a swanky $1.5 million apartment - Times of India

Popular actors Park Sung HoonKnown for his role in ‘The Glory,’ recently made headlines by purchasing a luxury apartment worth 1.9 billion won (approximately $1,461,325.72 USD).

Industry sources revealed on December 20 that Park Sung Hoon recently acquired a high-end apartment located in Geumho-dong, Seongdong-gu. The estimated market value of the property is between 1.8 billion and 1.9 billion won.
Geumho-dong is known for its high-end residences, attracting many celebrities such as Nam Gong Min, Yoo Seung Ho, Rev. Jun YeolJung Kyung Ho, Lee Kwang SooAnd Jun Hyun Moo.

Interestingly,Park Bo Young and Girls’ Generation’s Soo Young are said to be Park Sung Hoon’s neighbors in this particular apartment complex.
After his success in ‘The Glory’, Park Sung Hoon has been involved in various commercials for insurance, clothing and bottled water. An industry insider noted, “He appeared in a hit project like ‘The Glory,’ and his price went up a lot. He has a lot of offers, so he’s doing a lot of projects. A luxury apartment.” “Buying is the result. Hard work.”

Park Sung Hoon’s rise to fame has not only translated into financial success, but has also opened doors to diverse opportunities in the entertainment industry. As he continues to grow in his career, his latest real estate acquisition shows the tangible rewards of his continued efforts.

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