‘Paap ka dar’: PM Modi defends ED actions, says honest need not fear | India News – Times of India

 'Paap ka dar': PM Modi defends ED actions, says honest need not fear | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Monday lauded the action, claiming that the anti-money laundering agency had seized assets worth Rs 1 lakh crore during his tenure, unlike the pre-2014 period, while the total assets linked were only Rs. 5,000 crore was Rs.
In an interview with news agency ANI, PM Modi said that an honest person has nothing to fear and only those involved in corruption have ‘paap ka dhar’ (fear of sin).
The prime minister also rejected the allegation that opposition parties are being “sent to jail by the BJP government”, adding that only three per cent of ED cases are linked to politicians.
Defending the ED’s action in money laundering cases, the PM said that the maximum number of cases registered by the Enforcement Directorate are against individuals and entities that have no connection with politics.
“How many opposition leaders are in jail? No one tells me. And is this the same opposition leader… who used to run his government? Fear of sin (fear of sin) What does a believer fear? When When I was the Chief Minister, they put my Home Minister (Amit Shah) in jail.
“Give Country PM Modi added that it should be understood that political leaders are involved in only 3% of ED cases and 97% of cases are registered against people who have nothing to do with politics.
“They are either drug mafia, officers who are involved in corruption, against some officers who have created benami assets and have been sent to jail,” he said.
The Prime Minister lauded the ED and said that since he took charge at the Center in 2014, the central agency has contributed significantly in fighting corruption.
“Prior to 2014, the ED seized assets worth only Rs 5,000 crore. Did anyone stop the ED from taking action and who was benefiting? During my tenure assets worth Rs 1 lakh crore have been seized. Is this not the people’s money?” PM asked.
“In the last ten years, we have recovered Rs 2,200 crore in cash, whereas before 2014 the ED could recover only Rs 34 lakh in cash that could be carried in school bags. Rs 2,200 crore this year. means that the ED is working well.
The Prime Minister said that corruption has destroyed the country and it has to be tackled with full force.
“They (ED) have arrested people and seized cash and I believe that corruption has destroyed the country. We should fight corruption with all our might. And this is my personal belief, ” They said.
PM Modi’s statement came in the wake of allegations by Indian bloc leaders that the ruling BJP was “targeting opposition leaders” through “misuse of central agencies”.

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