Opposition’s support to Parliament security breach condemnable, says PM Modi | India News – Times of India

 Opposition’s support to Parliament security breach condemnable, says PM Modi | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi While giving remarks on Tuesday, he said that the recent incident is one Breach of Parliament security was Condemnable And worrying. He criticized the attempt of the opposition parties to spin the whole incident and called it condemnable and emphasized the importance of informing the people of the country.
Addressing BJP MPs from both houses at the last parliamentary party meeting of the year, the prime minister said, “Whatever happened ParliamentUntil recently, those who believed in democracy would not accept such an act. This act should have been condemned. Unfortunately, what I am witnessing is that the opposition is channeling its frustration of losing the election and giving the whole process a political spin.”

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He expressed concern that opposition parties have also tacitly and indirectly supported the act and termed it as worrisome. This comment of the Prime Minister was in response to the opposition leader. Rahul GandhiThe statement attributed the Parliament security breach to unemployment, which was supported by a few other opposition MPs.
The Prime Minister expected this to be the last parliamentary session of the year and hoped that the entire chamber would be filled in 2024.
Further addressing the opposition, the Prime Minister said that some people are uniting with the intention of removing the BJP while the BJP is working for the betterment of India. He emphasized on the need to expose the opposition, control their voices and stay within the limits of democracy.
“Some people are using their power to remove the government, and we are using our power for the betterment of India,” the prime minister said.

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PM Modi He also said that he was satisfied that in the last 10 years, whenever he was in Delhi, he never missed this parliamentary meeting of the BJP. He further said that I am happy that the work ethic of BJP is still alive in me.
Regarding the ongoing protests of the opposition, the Prime Minister said that their actions clearly show that they have decided to stay in the opposition and are practicing for it.
The Prime Minister said that the nation has also made up its mind to keep him in the opposition and may push him further back from where he is standing now. It should be kept in front. And stay within the boundaries of democracy.
Regarding parliamentary participation, the Prime Minister urged members to participate in the coming days, and emphasized the importance of debating bills of great importance. “Some of the bills that are going to be taken up are very important. We should listen to the debate on them. It would be good if the opposition participates in the debate on them. But maybe good things are not in their destiny. We need a direction to make VBSY a success. I must work,” said PM Modi.

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