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Earlier this year, this Tullytown couple Nusrat Where else? Yish Dasgupta announced his upcoming police drama film.


. The duo released its poster on their social media handles on Tuesday. Baba Yadav Which will also be directed by Sayatani Ghosh. Nagan fame in an important role. In a candid chat with us, Nusrat and Yash talk about what audiences can expect from the film which is set to release in the first half of 2024.
Talking about bringing a purely commercial film to the big screen, Nusrat says, “Making a purely commercial film for the urban audience is a conscious decision. OTT spaces and big screens can have a lot of thought-provoking content.” These days, but entertainment is also needed, especially at a time when there is so much going on around us. Mentaaal It’s going to be a completely massive film.”


Behind the curtain of mental

To clear the air after the release of the poster, Yash assures his fans of the never-before-seen spectacle, “Whenever a commercial film’s poster is released, people think that the film will be a remake. going, or too much. Like its predecessors. I suggest viewers watch the film to find out what it is. We are not claiming that there will be a social message at the end, or that The film will bring a revolution. We just want to give the audience something to relax with.
Baba Yadav, known for films like

the boss


The villain



. Recalling her experience working with him, Nusrat says, “Baba has done a lot of commercial work in Bengal and we both worked with him in several songs that he choreographed. He can instantly add the X-factor to any business venture. It is always great to work with him, as he is a very cool and organized person.
There is a lot of room and scope for commercial films in Bengal even in this day and age when there is no dearth of alternative material. If this was not the case, people would not have flocked to the cinema halls to watch such films.




. I’m sure


is going to bring much-needed relief to the big screen,” concludes Yash.

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