No power in universe can bring back Article 370: PM Modi | India News – Times of India

 No power in universe can bring back Article 370: PM Modi | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, strongly defending the repeal of Article 370 And referring Supreme CourtValidating his government’s move, he said that no power in the universe could restore the abrogated provisions. Constitution And said the law has ushered in a new era of development in the regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, which were once known for terrorism and are now tourism hubs.
“After 370, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are changed places, crowded with tourists instead of terrorists. Films are being shot and screened, while stone pelting has stopped. Kashmiri families have welcomed the change. As for those who are creating chaos due to their political motives, I want to make it clear: no power in this universe can roll back Article 370,” the prime minister said in an interview with Hindi daily Dank Jagran. I said.
Recalling the recent decision of the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister said that the Supreme Court has made it clear that the country cannot have two constitutions. “Abrogation of Article 370 was more important than any political agenda for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. A few family-dominated parties have long controlled the region but the people there want to join the mainstream of development and want to ensure a safe. future for their children,” he said.
To a question about the BJP electing relatively new and unknown leaders as chief ministers in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, Modi said these leaders have a lot of experience and hard work behind them.
Taking a jibe at those questioning the BJP’s choice, he said it was the country’s misfortune that a large section of people influencing the society were narrow-minded and narrow-minded.
“This is not limited to the political arena, this nature haunts us in every sector. If someone becomes a big name in a sector with branding, others don’t get attention despite their talent and hard work. This is what happens. In politics,” he said.
He added that for decades the media’s attention was focused on a few families due to which the talents and merits of the newcomers were not being discussed. “That’s why you often see some people as new,” he said. But the truth is that they are not new. They have worked hard and have their own experience.

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