Nissan to export China-made EVs globally – Times of India

Nissan to export China-made EVs globally - Times of India

Nissan Motor announced its intention to distribute electric vehicles globally on Sunday (E.VDeveloped in China, a Reuters report said, it unveiled a collaboration with the country’s leading university to accelerate research and development in the power sector.
The Japanese automaker is considering exporting to international markets alongside its current lineup of internal combustion engine vehicles, as well as pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars developed and designed in China. Masashi Matsuyama, vice president of Nissan Motor and president of Nissan China, made the announcement to reporters in Beijing.
Nissan It is eyeing markets that have also been targeted by Chinese rivals such as BYD, marking a strategic move to enter the global electric vehicle market. The move brings Nissan in line with other foreign automakers such as Tesla, BMW and Ford, which are manufacturing vehicles in China to take advantage of lower manufacturing costs and improve factory capacity utilization. are increasing exports.
While China represented only 20 percent of Nissan’s global sales of about 2.8 million vehicles in the first 10 months of the year, less than a third from the same period last year, the company is looking for opportunities to meet the challenge. is doing Electric vehicle sector
To strengthen its presence in China, Nissan announced plans to establish a joint research center with Tsinghua University next year. The center will focus on research and development of electric vehicles, including aspects such as charging infrastructure and battery recycling. The collaboration builds on 2016 joint research initiatives with Tsinghua University, focused on intelligent mobility and autonomous driving technology.
Makoto Uchida, President and Chief Executive of Nissan, expressed optimism about the collaboration, saying, “We hope that this collaboration will help us gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese market and develop a strategy that will to better meet the needs of consumers in China.” The move underscores Nissan’s commitment to expanding its presence in the rapidly developing electric vehicle landscape, particularly in the influential Chinese market.

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