NHRC’s inquiry at Sandeshkhali finds ‘instances of atrocities on victims’ | India News – Times of India

 NHRC’s inquiry at Sandeshkhali finds ‘instances of atrocities on victims’ | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: National Human rights of the Commission Location inquiry I in violence Sandishakhli The case has “revealed a number of incidents. Cruelty, brutality on the victims” which prima facie shows that human rights have been violated due to “negligence in prevention” of these incidents. The commission has recommended impartial investigation of complaints by central agencies.
Noting that the Calcutta High Court is already hearing the Sandishakhli case. NHRC Will seek leave from the High Court to intervene in the matter.
The report observed that during the occasional visit by the team headed by one of its members of the commission between February 23 and 25, “the atmosphere silenced the victims due to atrocities by the alleged perpetrators” and “threats” and “terror”. Violence” made them “reluctant to seek justice”.
The NHRC stressed the need to “restore faith in the rule of law and the authorities” and to “uproot the fear” of these accused from the hearts of victims. The commission highlights the important role that the district authorities are playing in building confidence among residents so that others who have been victims of crime come forward and register their complaints.
The NHRC has recommended the appointment of special representatives to periodically report on the situation in Sandishakhli. Some of the other recommendations include – “Investigation of missing girls and women from Sindhishkeli; ensuring protection of witnesses and redressal of complaints; counseling and rehabilitation of victims of sexual crimes; return of land to rightful owners; Nationwide Emergency Response System ( enabling NERS).
The inquiry report highlights with grave concern that as per the data of missing women provided by Police Station Sandishakhli from February 1, 2023 to 25, around 37 young women and 3 minor girls are still missing. “This number is alarmingly large and a thorough and thorough investigation is needed to trace the victims and find out the reasons behind their disappearance, including human trafficking,” the report said. Therefore, the Commission has recommended that the cases of missing women should be investigated.
The commission has sought a report from the West Bengal government on action on its recommendations within eight weeks.
According to the report, “Villagers/victims faced assault, intimidation, sexual exploitation, land grabbing, and forced unpaid labor, forcing them to seek livelihood outside the Sandishakhli area.”
The inquiry also observed that “allegations of disenfranchisement are serious in nature and undermine the democratic values ​​of the nation.”
The NHRC statement further highlighted that the inquiry team had interacted with the police and administration in Sandishakhli and requested more information, “but despite reminders, no response has been given till date”.
Sheikh Shahjahan – The main accused facing charges of land grabbing and sexual harassment in Sandishakhli was arrested by the state police on February 29. Shahjahan, a Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader, was suspended by the party for six years after his arrest.
On February 21, the NHRC took suo motu notice of media reports of protests and violence in Sandishakhli. Apart from deciding to send a team to the spot, the commission also sought a report from the state government. In response to the NHRC notice, the DG and IGP, West Bengal disclosed on February 29 that a total of 25 cases were registered, of which 7 were on complaints of alleged sexual offenses against women and 24 accused were arrested. was State officials had said that efforts were also being made to nab absconding criminals. State officials have described the overall situation in the entire Sandishakhli region as “well under control”.

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