‘Need this in Delhi Metro ASAP’: Kolkata Metro starts screening Tom and Jerry inside trains | Kolkata News – Times of India

'Need this in Delhi Metro ASAP': Kolkata Metro starts screening Tom and Jerry inside trains | Kolkata News - Times of India

New Delhi: cartoon Holds a special place in our childhood memories, always a source of joy and laughter. between them, “Tom and Jerry” emerged as a timeless favourite, the cat-and-mouse chase story that never fails to impress us.
Those carefree vacation days were spent in front of the television, completely engrossed in Tom’s antics and Jerry’s clever tricks. Each episode brought with it a new adventure, which kept us enthralled and entertained. Their antics kept us engaged, episode after episode. The enduring charm of “Tom and Jerry” has recently been on display. Kolkata Metro.

Metro authorities have started running a cartoon show. Digital display screen Inside trains running on the North-South route to entertain young passengers. This landmark initiative by Kolkata Metro is the first of its kind and is sure to delight commuters of all ages.
The video is doing the rounds on the internet, along with the caption, “The initiative is aimed at enhancing and providing a healthier travel experience. entertainment Passengers of all ages can now enjoy the classics during their metro rides. Dynamic adventure While passing through town.”
So far the Instagram post has received over 900,000 views and 94,000 likes.

Reaction to the post

The post has received mixed reactions from users. One user remarked, “I’ll miss my station for this.” Another user thanked, saying, “Wow, nice move brings back so many memories. Thanks, Kolkata Metro.” A third user pointed to the cartoon’s universal appeal, saying, “For kids? Man, this is like entertainment for every ’90s kid.”
The demand for similar measures in other cities was also evident, with one user commenting, “This is needed. Delhi Metro as soon as possible.”
Another user humorously noted the addictive nature of the show, saying, “Tom and Jerry is for adults too? Once you start watching, you’ll keep watching.”

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