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The chemistry is on fire, the emotions are heating up and the story is getting more interesting with every passing episode! my devil Delivering valuable content and the week-long wait for the next plot twist to unfold is getting tough!
Love gets real!
After the fake marriage between Satan Jung Go Won (Song Kong) and charming CEO Doo Doo (Kim Yoo Joo), the emotions are getting real. A passionate kiss sets the mood for romance amid heartwarming moments and showers of bliss. However happy moments and very few. While Do Do Hee becomes a suspect in Joon Cheon Suk’s alleged murder case, Jung.Go Won Runs to save his lady love. However, in a spine-chilling moment, he is stabbed in the heart by Gwang Chul. This time it’s Doo Doo’s turn to save her man, heal him with her magical touch. After this incident, Do Do Hee drops out of the race to become chairman in an attempt to keep Jung Gu Won safe.
After learning this, Go Won tracks Do Do Hee to Cheon Sook’s garden. Jung Gu Won secretly declares his love for Do Do Hee by saying that he doesn’t care if he dies, but he refuses to distance himself from her. Both melt into his embracing kiss and sprinkles add to the charm of this magical moment and the episode ends with an epic moment.


My Demon Episode 7 & 8 Review: Song Kong and Kim Yu Jung Finally embrace their love!
This weekend, love was served with a special dose of tender moments! Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung’s bed-moment spats and heart-wrenching exchanges make My Damon’s narrative worthwhile. Later that week, it was also revealed that Do Do Hee’s half-brother Noh Seok-min (Kim Tae-hoon) knows about Jung Go-won’s true identity as a demon. However, more worryingly, Jung Gu-won is losing his powers and may soon turn into a human.
What to expect next?
Now that the confession is here, the dating period begins for Jung Go Won and Do Do Hee. However, Jung Gu-won fears losing all his powers and the coming episodes will see him getting weaker and weaker. Meanwhile, Noh Seok-Min is expected to take part in an even fiercer battle to topple Jung Go-won.

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