Mugdha Vaishampayan and Prathamesh Laghate get hitched, see pics – Times of India

Mugdha Vaishampayan and Prathamesh Laghate get hitched, see pics - Times of India

“Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs” stars Magadha Vaishampine And Prithmesh Laghte Recently, he surprised his fans by switching roles. The couple, who were openly sharing their journey. social mediadecided to make their love official in an intimate affair. Wedding Event held in Chaplonhometown of Prithmesh.
Happiness and beauty spread among the newlyweds. Traditional dress, as shown in a social media post. Magadha donned a luscious yellow and pink saree, complemented by Prithmesh’s stunning red kurta, creating a picture-perfect moment that resonated with fans.
The wedding was attended by close friends Julie Joglekar and Rohit Rawat, who happily shared glimpses of the celebration on social media, adding to the excitement of Magadha and Prithmesh’s union.
The couple’s journey from announcing their relationship to tying the knot was nothing short of a fairytale, capturing the hearts of their audience. Magadha and Prithmesh have become symbols of love and togetherness, sharing heartwarming moments that resonate with fans following their story.
As Magadha and Prithmesh embark on this new chapter in their lives, Magadha’s singing moves from the soulful lyrics to their harmonies. A love storythey are creating a narrative that promises to nurture for years to come.
Amidst the harmonious notes of Magadha’s musical journey and their love story, the duo is undoubtedly writing a story of love, happiness and shared moments that will resonate with fans. Their preparations for the wedding of a lifetime mark the beginning of a beautiful journey, and fans are sure to witness a celebration filled with love, laughter, and the promise of a future filled with the magic of their union.
On the work front, the couple has a separate YouTube channel and are working on their own projects.

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