Man caught at New York airport with baby diaper concealing 17 bullets, blames girlfriend – Times of India

Man caught at New York airport with baby diaper concealing 17 bullets, blames girlfriend - Times of India

New Delhi: Security officers discovered 17 Tablets Hidden inside the disposable Baby diaper on Wednesday La Guardia Airport in New York.
Officers discovered the hidden ammunition when an otherwise clean diaper set off an alarm in an X-ray machine at an airport security checkpoint, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was described. The passenger, who was from Arkansas for a flight at Chicago’s Midway Airport, initially feigned ignorance of the bullet-riddled diaper in his carry-on bag. Later, he suggested that his girlfriend might have put him there.
Although the TSA did not release the passenger’s name, he was cited by Port Authority police for illegal possession of 9mm ammunition. Attempts to obtain additional information were made through messages left with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport, and the Queens District Attorney’s office.
This incident marks the latest case of one. La Guardia A passenger is being flagged for trying to carry bullets, sometimes accompanied by a firearm. This issue has been reported at various airports across the United States.
Last month, TSA officers at LaGuardia discovered a .45-caliber pistol and a magazine loaded with six bullets hidden inside a pair of Nike sneakers in a checked bag. While firearms are allowed as checked baggage, they must be placed in a closed, hard-sided container rather than concealed in a shoe.
In January 2021, security checkpoint officers intercepted 13 pills hidden inside a Mentos chewing gum container in a carry-on bag. The bullets were stuck together in pieces of gum, and the passenger, who was charged with illegal possession of ammunition, insisted the bag belonged to his son.
In April of that year, officers recovered a loaded .22-caliber pistol and two boxes of ammunition, containing a total of 100 rounds, from a carry-on bag. The passenger claimed he had forgotten to remove the gun and bullets after visiting a shooting range before heading to the airport. Despite the explanation, he was arrested.

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