Maharashtra govt draws policy to align with NEP; alters age to enter school | Mumbai News – Times of India

Maharashtra govt draws policy to align with NEP; alters age to enter school | Mumbai News - Times of India

MUMBAI: The state government is revising the entry age. School. Now a child, to enter nursery in 2024/25 must complete at least 3 years by the time they enter school.
While admissions have begun, the state is formulating a policy to ensure that admission standards are met. NEP 2020 Rules. Until now, in Maharashtra, a child who completed 3 years by December was allowed to join nursery school, so many children who were 2.5 years old also joined nursery school.
“We are working on a new age policy for admission. We will announce it soon and it will be applicable for the academic year 2024/25. is being done. The new policy is being formulated. It has been prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Child Development which handles Anganwadis,” said Sharad GosaviState Director, Primary Education.
Meanwhile, Early Childhood Association There has been a demand from the state government to change the age of admission of young children admitted to nursery school.
ECA has written a letter to the Governor. Ramesh Base and asked him to intervene and ask the state government to declare three years as the minimum age for admission to kindergarten. On the lines of the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), ECA members said Maharashtra is among the few states that have not changed the age of admission leaving many children at 5 or 5.2 years. reach grade 1 at the age of .
“Going to nursery before the age of 3 will have a profoundly negative effect on children in the long term. The curriculum designed for the nursery is in line with the well-researched developmental capabilities of the 3-year-old. However, under 3 children may struggle to cope,” said ECA President Swati Popatvats.
According to the resolution of the current Maharashtra government, the child should complete three years by December 31. “But schools start in April or June, and that means children are 2.5 years old when they start nursery and 5.5 years old when they are in first grade”. added
“The age of entry is falling. Children who should be in playgroup are in nursery. There are examples around the world where children enter school at an older age and joining early is not good for anyone. ,” said Parveen Shaikh, Principal, The Soumya School. “There should be an alignment between what the state says and what the NEP recommends. Older children with more developed brains are more ready to move to a new place, the teacher understands. Connect with what is being taught.
Recently, Karnataka also raised the minimum school entry age to 3 years. “On paper, it seems like a short period of 3-6 months, but in a young child’s life, those few months can have a lifelong impact. Both the NEP and RTE set the correct entry age for Grade 1. 6 years for preschool and 3 years for pre-school respectively,” added Watts.
Educators explained that if a two-and-a-half-year-old child starts nursery, the 6-month difference in that age is significant in language, social development, emotional development, etc. Use 2-3 word sentences and say ‘I’, ‘you’ and ‘I’. By age three, young children can usually use sentences of 3-5 words, or even more. At 2.5 they are not able to take turns, an essential skill in preschool. By 3 toddlers start learning how to take turns when speaking, and have short conversations with you,” Watts said.

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