Maha Loses 53rd Tiger in Chandrapur – Highest Tiger Death Toll in Maharashtra | Nagpur News – Times of India

Maha Loses 53rd Tiger in Chandrapur - Highest Tiger Death Toll in Maharashtra | Nagpur News - Times of India

Nagpur: Another sub-adult tigress was found dead in the forest limits of Sauli. Chandrapur A day after the carcass of a tiger was found in a field well in Bermhapuri forest division, the district on Monday. Maharashtra has lost 53 tigers from January 1 to December 25, 2023 – an average of one tiger death every week.
With 203 tiger deaths in 2023, this is the highest number of tiger kills nationally with Maharashtra leading the way with 53, of which 26 are in Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts. There have been 59 human deaths and 522 injuries due to wildlife in the state, official sources said.
The DFO of Chandrapur says that the tigress died due to being hit by the road and not due to poaching.
Chanderpur Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Prashant Khade attributed the death of the sub-tiger to being hit by a road. “He had injuries on his neck and internal bleeding in his skull. Poaching is ruled out as all body parts including claws, whiskers and canines were intact.”
The body was found on an encroached farm belonging to Lomesh Devtale, about 100 meters from Gosi Khard Canal near Sonapur Reserve Forest. “The place where the body was found is close to a river where sand-laden trucks pass at night,” forest department sources told TOI.
Sources said the body was at least three days old as maggots had infected the skull. The post-mortem of the Savli lion was conducted as per the protocol at Transit Treatment Center (TTC), Chandrapur by Veterinarians, Dr. Ravikant Khobragade and Dr. Kandan Podshelwar, representatives of PCCF (Wildlife) and NTCA, Bindu Dhotre and Done in the presence of Mukesh. Bhandkar.
Dhotre blamed the high tiger deaths on the diversion of prime forest areas and tiger habitats for mining, canals, industries, airports and other development projects. “Chanderpur is a tiger district, and the government is expected to protect the corridors of the big cats. There is also an urgent need to implement the solar fencing scheme announced this year which seems to have been a non-starter,” he said. ” said Dhotre. According to Uday Patel, Honorary Wildlife Warden of Gadchiroli, “Chandrapur has been infamous for worsening man-animal conflict. Along with humans, tigers are also a huge loss of life. Ghodazari and Kanhargaon sanctuaries were built to accommodate the growing number of tigers, but due to lack of staff, these sanctuaries are inhumane.
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Mahachandrapur loses its 53rd belt, the national figure is 203.
After the discovery of the tiger’s carcass in Barmhapuri forest division, another sub-adult tigress was found dead in Sawli forest range of Chandrapur district. 53 tigers have been killed in Maharashtra this year, making it the state with the highest number of tiger deaths in the country. 26 of these deaths are in Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts alone. A sub-adult tigress died after being hit by a road in Sawali forest, with neck injuries and internal bleeding. The body was found near a river, near a spot with regular movement of sand-laden trucks at night.
202 lions lost in 2023, the most in a decade; Maha Tol 52
India celebrated 50 years of Project Tiger in 2023 and announced the presence of 3,682 big cats in the wild as per the All India Tiger Estimate (AITE)-2022. The Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) compiled statistics showing that 202 tigers were lost in a single year. The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) reported that 168 tigers died in India till November 30, 2023, the highest in a decade. Maharashtra had the highest number of tiger deaths, with a total of 52. Maharashtra’s Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts account for nearly 50 percent of the state’s tiger deaths.
202 tiger deaths this year, the most in a decade. Maximum in Maharashtra
India loses 202 tigers this year, highest in a decade: report The Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) has compiled mortality data from January 1 to December 24, 2023. Maharashtra had the highest number of deaths at 52, followed by Madhya Pradesh with 47. Figures from the National Tiger Conservation Authority show that 168 tiger deaths occurred in 2023, the highest in a decade. WPSI also saw an increase in leopard deaths, with 544 reported in 2023.

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