Lufthansa suspends Tehran flights, Middle East on alert for potential Iran attacks – Times of India

Lufthansa suspends Tehran flights, Middle East on alert for potential Iran attacks - Times of India

New Delhi: German Airlines Lufthansa announced the suspension of flights on Wednesday. Tehran Citing the volatile situation in the Middle East, the decision comes amid heightened concerns about possible Iranian retaliation after a suspect. Israeli air strike On IranEmbassy in Syria.
Adding to the tension, an Iranian news agency briefly escalated the situation by posting on social media that Tehran’s airspace had been closed for military exercises. However, the agency later retracted the statement denying the release of such news. Since April 1, when Israeli warplanes were suspected of targeting the Iranian embassy compound in Syria, the United States as well as countries in the region have been on high alert, preparing for possible attacks by Iran.
Lufthansa announced the suspension of flights to and from Tehran from April 6 until possibly April 11. “We are constantly monitoring the situation in the Middle East and maintaining close contact with the authorities. Ensuring the safety of our passengers and crew members is Lufthansa’s top priority,” a company spokesperson said. A company spokesperson told Reuters.
Lufthansa and its subsidiary Austrian Airlines stand as the only Western carriers offering international flights to Tehran, with Turkish and Middle Eastern airlines primarily serving the region. Austrian Airlines, which is owned by Lufthansa, maintains a direct Vienna-Tehran service six times a week, as indicated by its website and FlightRadar24. As of now, there is no immediate update from other international airlines operating flights to Tehran.
Meanwhile, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said Israel “must and will be punished” for the Damascus attack that killed seven members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.
Among them was Mohammad Reza Zahidi, a senior commander of the Quds Force, an elite overseas unit of the Revolutionary Guards.
Israel, which launched a war against Iran-backed Hamas in the Gaza Strip six months ago, has not confirmed it was behind the attack on Damascus, but the Pentagon has.
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