Lok Sabha okays Telecom Bill to overhaul archaic law – Times of India

Lok Sabha okays Telecom Bill to overhaul archaic law - Times of India

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha gave its approval on Wednesday. Telecommunication Bill2023, aimed at Overhaul and modernize the antiquated Indian Telegraph Act 1885 and related legislation.
The bill, which seeks to build a robust security apparatus to protect critical mobile networks from cyber-attacks and other illegal break-ins, also stipulates that a fine 50,000 for Rs Unsolicited messaging to consumers, which will go up to Rs 2 lakh per message for repeat violators who also face the threat of suspension of their telecommunication services.
The bill, which was approved by a voice vote after a brief debate, allows the Center to take over the telecom network in any public emergency or in the interest of public safety. After the suspension, most of the opposition members did not come to the House.
Communications Minister Ashwini Vishnu said the bill provides for allocation of spectrum to satellite communication companies through administrative procedures. The provisions of the bill, it may be noted, are in line with the demand of global satellite services companies and reject the argument made by domestic telecom players Jio and Vodafone Idea.

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