Lee Sun-kyun passes away: Claudia Kim, Lee Ji Hoon and other actors mourn his demise, say ‘Everyone deserves to be forgiven for mistakes’ – Times of India

Lee Sun-kyun Mourning Celebrities (1)

The Korean entertainment industry is mourning the tragic death of actor Lee Sun-kyun.
The ‘Parasite’ star died on December 27, his agency confirmed in a statement. Media reports suggest that the 48-year-old star died of apparent suicide, but the official statement has not confirmed or denied this.
However, the statement asked fans and the media to “refrain from spreading false facts based on speculation or speculation and malicious reports.” Following the news of his demise, fans took to his social media handles to mourn his loss and offer condolences. Lee’s wife and two children. Members of South Korea’s entertainment industry also attended and paid their respects to the deceased.
When he died during a drug investigation, many asked, “Should he die for his mistake?”
Actors Claudia Kim and Lee Ji-hoon were among the first to publicly express their shock and grief over Lee Sun-kyun’s passing.

In an Instagram post, Claudia Kim, also known as Soo Hyun, paid tribute to Lee Sun-kyun, stressing the need for compassion. She said, “Everyone deserves an apology for their mistakes,” and highlighted that the actor’s death was a ‘great loss’ for Korean entertainment.

Lee Sun-kyun Mourning Celebrities (1)

Legendary singer Yuri from first-generation K-Pop group Cool, known as Cool’s Yuri, shared her grief in a social media post and questioned the consequences of the mistakes. Yuri wrote, “Should his life be taken because of his mistake? It’s heartbreaking and sad. I’m sending prayers to his family.”
In a now-deleted post, actor Lee Ji-hoon expressed his grief over Lee Sun-kyun’s passing and slammed critics. “Is it fair for someone to judge when they have never experienced (what they were going through) themselves? To those who judge others, can you look yourself in the mirror and see your own? Can’t be ashamed of life?”

Singer Kang Won Rae’s wife, Kim Song, took to social media to share her thoughts on the negative effects of herd mentality. He also emphasized the need for compassion.
Comedian Yoon Taek paid tribute to Lee Sun-kyun, reflecting on the actor’s struggles and praising his talent. He signed it wishing for peace in the afterlife.
Many other celebrities, including Moga Dong Prime, singer Gilgun, Lee Soo, and actress Soo Hyun, joined the mourners to pay their respects to the late actor and express their deep sorrow over his tragic passing.
Lee Sun-kyun will be laid to rest in a private ceremony attended only by his family and a few colleagues.

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