Lamar Jackson stars as Baltimore Ravens beat Jacksonville Jaguars 23-7: 3 key takeaways | NFL News – Times of India

Lamar Jackson stars as Baltimore Ravens beat Jacksonville Jaguars 23-7: 3 key takeaways | NFL News - Times of India

New Delhi: Lamar Jackson led by Baltimore Ravens won 23-7. Jacksonville Jaguars, clinching an AFC playoff spot for the Ravens. Jackson’s dynamic performance included a touchdown pass to Isaiah Prospect, followed by a rushing score by Gus Edwards. The Ravens, now 11-3, have won eight of their last nine games, showcasing their postseason credentials.
of Jacksonville Trevor LawrenceHad a resilient effort completing 25 of 43 passes for 264 yards and a touchdown. However, Lawrence also lost two fumbles, handing the Jaguars their third straight loss.Jamal AgnewK’s 65-yard touchdown reception provided a brief spark for Jacksonville, but Baltimore’s defense held strong, securing the key win. The Ravens faced challenges, incl Keaton Mitchell With a knee injury, but his good performance and reliable leg Justin Tucker, who kicked three field goals to lead them to victory. As Baltimore celebrates a playoff berth, the Jaguars find themselves in a tie for the AFC South lead with the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans. The three main points of the game are:
1. The double threat of Lamar Jackson
Jackson’s ability to impact the game both in the air and on the ground was once again evident.
With 171 passing yards, 97 rushing yards, and a touchdown pass, Jackson showcased his dynamic skills, making him a formidable force as the Ravens prepared for the playoffs.
2. The Jaguars’ struggles continue.
Despite a solid performance from Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars struggled to convert opportunities into points.
Jacksonville’s three-game losing streak raises concerns about their playoff aspirations, as they now hold the lead in the AFC South. The team will need to address these issues quickly to stay in contention.

3. Baltimore’s defensive flexibility
The Ravens’ defense played a key role in securing the win, taking advantage of Lawrence’s fumbles and limiting the Jaguars’ scoring opportunities.
Baltimore’s defensive unit will be a key factor as they navigate the postseason, bringing a balanced approach to complement their potent offense.

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