Kidney patient, 10, separated from family in Gaza, fears he won’t see them again – Times of India

Kidney patient, 10, separated from family in Gaza, fears he won't see them again - Times of India

Gaza: Nasim Mohra, a 10-year-old kidney patient, fears he may never see his family again after Israeli forces arrested his father as he was taking the boy to a hospital in the southern region. Gaza For urgent dialysis treatment.
Neighbor Naseem, who needed regular dialysis treatment, was brought to Rafah’s Abu Youssef Al-Najr Hospital on Sunday after the boy was separated from his relatives during the ongoing heavy Israeli bombardment of Gaza.
“I’m afraid of dying before I see my family and relatives, and my siblings,” said Naseem, connected to a dialysis machine.
“I want the war to end so we can go back to our homes and I can go back to my normal life,” he said, adding that he had not seen his mother for weeks.
Neighbor Adel Haniya said he was traveling south through Gaza with his children when he recognized Naseem and agreed to look after her. He said that the boy’s father was arrested from an Israeli army post.
“The boy’s condition is very bad. He needs special food, his condition is very bad. We sleep in a mosque, and we come here (daily) on a donkey cart,” Hania told how they line up. I had to wait. Hours to access dialysis treatment.
The Palestinian Red Crescent has said that the Israeli bombardment of the main streets of Gaza has severely blocked the passage of ambulances and other emergency vehicles.
Doctors at a hospital in Rafah, near the Egyptian border, said fuel shortages and inadequate medical supplies were making working conditions there very difficult.
“We have 17 dialysis beds, which normally serve 120 patients, but now 350 patients have to use these beds,” said Dr. Ehab Musher, head of the kidney dialysis department, adding. Said that excessive use of devices is causing malfunction in them. daily basis.
“Unfortunately we lose patients every day,” Mascher said. “I hope God will put an end to all this and the situation will improve soon.”
Isra Yale Tung has been besieged. Gaza Strip And since October 7, when Hamas militants stormed southern Israel, killing 1,200 people and taking 240 hostage, much of it has been laid waste.
Officials in Hamas-ruled Gaza say more than 20,400 people have been confirmed dead during Israel’s military campaign in the tiny coastal strip, with thousands more feared buried under the rubble.

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