‘Kid crossed road alone’: HC frees cabbie in accident case | Mumbai News – Times of India

'Kid crossed road alone': HC frees cabbie in accident case | Mumbai News - Times of India

MUMBAI: Observing that it was not safe for an eight-year-old boy to cross a busy road without his parents and the possibility of his negligence cannot be ruled out. MagistrateA court acquitted a 45-year-old taxi driver accused of hitting a child. Malabar Hill In 2019, he suffered a broken leg.
The boy had given a statement in court and identified the driver.
The accused was booked for speeding and reckless driving and causing grievous hurt.
“It is a two-way road and there is traffic on it…Parents should be careful when sending a seven-eight-year-old boy alone on the road. It is doubtful whether Master Rohan (the child) understands the traffic rules. Therefore, the possibility of negligence on the part of the boy while crossing the road cannot be ruled out, as the witnesses stated that he did not understand the direction,” said Metropolitan Magistrate Nadeem A Patel.
search for the accused, Muhammad AnsariNot guilty, the magistrate added, the child who was playing and going home. Gurgaon Chowpattycould not even describe the situation on the road.
Therefore, in the absence of details about road conditions and traffic, it cannot be said that the accused was driving the vehicle recklessly and carelessly, thus in my view there is considerable doubt in his story. The magistrate said that the prosecution and the accused are entitled to the benefit of doubt.
The magistrate added that although it was claimed by the prosecution that the child had identified the accused in court, in cross-examination by the defense counsel, he specifically admitted that the police showed him the taxi driver.
“Even in the cross-examination, he specifically stated that the taxi driver fled after the accident. This means that Master Rohan did not see the accused on the spot at the time of the accident. But the driver later identified him. was shown. Therefore, there is a serious question of identity, none of the other witnesses were present on the spot, therefore, the identity of the accused is doubtful and on this sole ground the accused deserves to be acquitted,” the magistrate said.
The child’s mother – one of four witnesses who testified before the court – however said the taxi driver did not flee. In fact, the driver went to the hospital to check on Rohan when he was admitted for two months.
Rohan’s mother said that on February 4, 2019, Rohan had gone to play without informing her. When she could not find him, she went to the police station. She was told that he would be back and she returned home.
Later that day, she receives a phone call from the police, who informs her that Rohan has met with a road accident and has been admitted to Nair Hospital. She went to the police station and then to the hospital. He was told that Rohan had injured his leg.
Rohan told his mother that when he was crossing the road near Kamala Nehru Park, a speeding taxi driver hit him, injuring him.

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