Karnataka Congress govt reverses BJP regime’s hijab ‘curbs’ | India News – Times of India

 Karnataka Congress govt reverses BJP regime's hijab 'curbs' | India News - Times of India

Mysore: About two years later the then BJP government issued an order barring students from deviating from the dress code prescribed by the management of schools and colleges, effectively wearing The ban was imposed. hijab In Campus, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah On Friday, it said it had directed the authorities to withdraw the directive.
Making the announcement while addressing a gathering in Muslim-majority Kavalande in Mysore, the Chief Minister said that the choice of dress and food is personal and no one should interfere with it. His statement came six months before the important one. Lok Sabha Elections
When the audience asked her specifically about bans on hijab in educational institutions, Siddaramaiah said, “There is no ban on wearing hijab, students can go to school wearing hijab. I have taken this order from (the authorities concerned). has been asked to be canceled and it will be done.”
“Let people eat or wear whatever they like. I’m wearing a dhoti and he’s wearing trousers. What’s wrong with that?” CM said.
In January 2022, a few right-wing organizations objected to students wearing hijab in schools and colleges and asked their activists to wear saffron shawls as a countermeasure. The then BJP government had issued a circular on February 5, 2022, making it mandatory for the management of schools and colleges to follow the prescribed dress code. The circular did not officially ban the hijab. But the Government PU College for Girls, Udupi is drawing strength from the circular, management.Students were banned from wearing hijab in the campus.
Accusing the BJP of playing vote bank politics, the chief minister said the Congress would not follow suit.

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