Kapil Sibal says 90 per cent provisions of three criminal bills same as existing laws – Times of India

Kapil Sibal says 90 per cent provisions of three criminal bills same as existing laws - Times of India

New Delhi: Former Union Minister Kapil Sibal All three said on Monday Criminal Bill Which aims to change the British era. IPC, CRPC And Indian Evidence Act 90% of the provisions are the same as the existing laws. He added that this legislation was enacted when 146 members of the opposition were under suspension from parliament.
The former Union minister said that the Bharatiya Naya (Second) Sanhta Bill, the Indian Civil Protection (Second) Sanhta Bill and the Bharatiya Sakshia (Second) Bill are more draconian than ‘colonial’ and have nothing ‘Indian’ about them. ness in them.
“First of all, the way these bills were passed, I think our constitutional bodies should not have passed the bills the way they were. You suspended 100 people from the Lok Sabha and 46 people from the Rajya Sabha. And when the bill was debated in committee, we requested them to consult eminent lawyers for these bills but they chose to go with their leaders. Then they brought it to Parliament and without any discussion. passed it,” Sibal said.
These bills, he said, are 90 per cent and merely a translated version of the existing laws and are more stringent than the ‘colonial’ ones. “I don’t see any ‘Indianness’ in them,” he added.
The Rajya Sabha on December 21 passed three criminal bills – Bharatiya Naya (Second) Sanhita, 2023; Indian Civil Defense (Second) Sanhta, 2023; and the Bharatiya Sakshi (Second) Bill, 2023 – replacing the IPC, CrPC and the Evidence Act. The bills were first passed by the Lok Sabha.
Bharatiya Naya Sanhita will have 358 sections (instead of 511 sections in IPC). A total of 20 new offenses have been added to the bill and 33 of them have increased prison sentences. Fines have been increased in 83 offenses and mandatory minimum sentences have been introduced in 23 offences. Community service sentences have been introduced for six offenses and 19 sections have been repealed or removed from the bill.
Giving importance to crimes against women and children, murder and crimes against the nation, these three bills were passed by voice vote.
Leaders of YSRCP, BJD, TDP, AIADMK, TMC(M), and UPP(L) participated in the debate supporting the three bills. , many of them suggested having an English title for them along with the Hindi one.
However, when the three bills were passed in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, the majority of opposition members did not participate in the debate.

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