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HYDERABAD: Only 10% of the 1.5 lakh engineers graduating this financial year are expected to get jobs as business Global Economic Depressionand IT companies do less. Latest Job A 35-40 percent increase over the previous financial year, a study said.
Hiring the services of Engineering graduates Hiring is set to touch pre-pandemic levels with 1.6 lakh new hires expected compared to 2.3 lakh hired in FY23, as employers dominate. The job marketA report by Technical staff And A solution provider Shown by Team Lease Digital.
Team Lease Digital Business Head Krishnavij said that companies today prefer mid-level employees with seven to 12 years of experience over hiring freshers, who have to be trained for at least six months.

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In FY22, as businesses across all sectors embarked on a digital transformation journey, the number of new hires hit a high of 4 lakh and attrition levels exceeded 30%. The attrition level has now come down to an average of 16-18%. The domestic talent pool has also seen an influx of US-based techies after massive layoffs by global giants earlier this year.
There is also a silver lining, Vij said. ‚ÄúDemand is opening up in alternative sectors with Global Competence Centers (GCCs), and non-tech sectors such as BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance), media, retail and consumer businesses, life sciences and healthcare, engineering R&D. as well as. Energy Expansion Hiring entry-level.” However, mastery of skills will be key as only 45% of the total engineering graduates this year meet the industry requirements, Vij said.
“With job dynamics, companies are looking for skills that combine soft skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork, emotional intelligence with technical skills in programming languages, software development methodologies, cloud computing and data analytics. comes with a combination of Freshers can increase their chances of getting a job by focusing on continuous learning and up-skilling in technologies like data science, AI and machine learning and cyber security, he said.

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