Jagan’s time is over as political migrations have started: Chandrababu Naidu – Times of India

Jagan's time is over as political migrations have started: Chandrababu Naidu - Times of India

Amaravati: TDP supremo Narachandrababu Naidu has come under severe criticism. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Jaganmohan Reddy said on Sunday that his time is up. Political migrations have started in the state.
Several leaders of the ruling YSRCP from Tanku, Pedakurapadu, Amalapuram, Gajapatinagaram and other assembly constituencies joined the TDP in the presence of Chandrababu Naidu at the party headquarters here on Sunday.
Later, addressing the party leaders, Chandrababu Naidu said that in three months, Jagan is going home but at this stage he is claiming that he is shifting his office to Visakhapatnam.
Stating that the state is ruled by the sand mafia, Chandrababu said that the Pedakurapadu MLA is leading the sand mafia in two districts. He said that cases were being registered under various provisions of the Atrocities Act against those who raised their voices against the sand mafia and some had been sent to jail after filing cases under the Preventive Detention Act.
“Do we really need this kind of Chief Minister?” Chandrababu asked, “Political exodus has started and people are eagerly waiting to send Jagan home. Jagan knows very well that he cannot stay in power anymore, thus 92 sitting MLAs.” Taking decisions like changing,” Chandrababu commented.
The TDP supremo firmly believes that not a single section of the public is happy with Jagan’s way of working. Farmers are resorting to suicide, while aquaculture and horticulture farmers are suffering huge losses. He said that all this happened because of the policies adopted by one person in these five years.
Chandrababu said that he had performed two Yags Sudarsana and Narasimha in the last three days, only for the welfare of the people and said that power was not new to him and no leader could break his record.
The TDP supremo expressed concern that he felt bad knowing the developments in the state and felt that people were facing various difficulties just because of this. That they forced Jagan when they wanted a chance.
“We can rewrite our destiny. I am asking farmers, auto drivers and unemployed youth if not a single person has benefited from this government,” Chandrababu Naidu noted.
Lamenting that this government did not respond when the cyclone wreaked havoc in the state, Chandrababu said that even the canals were not properly maintained and asked if it was not the government’s failure. .
Although he had promised to release job calendar every year and did not fulfill it, he asked whether a single industry has started its unit in the state in the last five years.
“Today I read in the papers about Gadiraju Palace in Visakhapatnam, which Mr. Jagan is now targeting. Since the owner has refused to hand it over, officials have issued a notice to him that the property is under Section 22A. comes under even though the owner bought the property in 1994 and built his own palace,” said Chandrababu.
Since the matter is now in the media, the owner is forced to issue a statement saying that he is under no pressure to do so. Chandrababu said that Mrs. Ranganaikma of Sankar Vilas Hotel in Guntur was subjected to such harassment just because she uploaded a post on social media and eventually left the state.
The former chief minister believes that a leader should have credibility and said that this man (Jagan), who had once said that he would not ask for votes if he did not implement total prohibition, now he has raised a loan on liquor. Is. It’s his reputation, he commented.
Clarifying that he never fights with anyone, the TDP supremo said he wished Jagan on his birthday through a tweet.
“There is nothing wrong if they celebrate their birthday in a big way, but why spend Rs 100 crore on publicity for this purpose?” he asked.
Chandrababu reiterated that the upcoming elections are not for him or the Jan Sena but for the welfare of the five crore people of Andhra Pradesh.
Chandrababu Naidu said, “Think twice. If you don’t take to the streets for fear of lawsuits, your future will be forgotten. For me power is not important but Telugu people should be first in the country and in the world. ” Chandrababu Naidu maintained. .
Jagan has destroyed properties worth lakhs of crores in Amravati, while successive governments have continued development in Hyderabad. He said and observed that Jagan, who is going home in three months, is now planning to go to Visakhapatnam.
Appealing to the people to join hands to unite to give a unanimous decision in the upcoming elections, Chandrababu said that their only goal is a poverty-free society.
“I have a goal and I am sure I can achieve it. Besides, I will definitely repay your debt. Mr. Jagan should be replaced not the MLA in the state,” Chandrababu Naidu. expressed confidence that the YSRCP would be defeated. in the upcoming elections.

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