‘I’ve lost a lot of Christmases’: Grandma with amnesia wakes up with no memory of past 30 years – Times of India

'I've lost a lot of Christmases': Grandma with amnesia wakes up with no memory of past 30 years - Times of India

New Delhi: Kim DanicolaA Louisiana grandmother is terminally ill. amnesiaIn 2018, she was unable to remember the last 30 years of her life after being hospitalized due to headaches. She thought she was a teenager in the 1980s, the New York Post reports.
Denikola, 56, had no memory of her husband and children.
“I’ve missed a lot of Christmases, so it’s a big deal. It’s unbelievable to me as it probably is to other people. I’ve never had a dream,” said Denikola, now 60. I didn’t even realize that I woke up and went to Bible study and thought I was going to wake up in the hospital and I was going to be 60 years old.”
Upon regaining consciousness, a nurse asked Denikola if he remembered what year it was or who the president of the United States was. DeNicola responded in 1980 and believed that Ronald Reagan was the President of the United States.
Despite extensive tests and scans, doctors have been unable to find the cause of Danicola’s amnesia.
Nearly five years after experiencing the migraines that changed his life, Damicola still hasn’t regained his memories. Medical experts fear that he may never regain his memory.

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