Italy PM Meloni: ‘Islam and Europe have compatibility problem’ – Times of India

Italy PM Meloni: 'Islam and Europe have compatibility problem' - Times of India

Rome: Italian Prime Georgia Maloney said on Saturday that there was a “problem of compatibility” between Islamic culture and European values ​​and rights. The statement was made during an event organized by his ultra-conservative Brothers Off. Italy The party, which was attended by notables including the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Rishi Sink and entrepreneur Elon Musk.
Maloney expressed his concerns about the relationship between Islamic culture and European values ​​in a statement caught on camera and shared by Radio Genoa. “I think there is a problem of compatibility between Islamic culture and the values ​​and rights of our civilization,” she said. Highlighting the financial backing of Islamic cultural centers in Italy, Meloni pointed out, “Islamic cultural centers in Italy are financed by Saudi Arabia, where Sharia is enforced.”
He also pointed out that most Islamic cultural centers in Italy receive funding from Saudi Arabia, a country he criticized for its strict Sharia laws. Sharia law, derived from the Qur’an and Hadith, criminalizes apostasy and homosexuality.
Maloney said in his remarks, “Sharia means execution for adultery and the death penalty for apostasy and homosexuality. I believe they should be lifted, not made public.” Islam. It means raising the issue that there is a process of Islamization in Europe that is far from the values ​​of our civilization.”
During his visit to Rome, British Prime Minister Rishi Singh supported Maloney’s emigration procedure. Sink’s own controversial plan to relocate asylum seekers to Rwanda has faced numerous legal challenges and criticism for being inhumane. Maloney has also been criticized for his efforts to limit the operations of charity aid ships in the Mediterranean.
“If we don’t deal with this problem, the numbers will only increase. It will overwhelm our countries and our ability to help these people,” Sink said, stressing the urgency of addressing migration issues. Ga who actually need our help the most.” He added that making the barrier credible would require a consensus departure, a position both he and Maloney were prepared to take.
Meanwhile, Musk stressed the importance of having children for the continuation of human civilization, noting the alarming trend of declining birth rates globally. “I really want to emphasize that having children and creating a new generation is important. And as simple as it sounds, if people don’t have children, there is no new generation,” he said.

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