Israeli embassy pulls video imagining Hamas attack in Seoul – Times of India

Israeli embassy pulls video imagining Hamas attack in Seoul - Times of India

Seoul: In the Israeli Embassy… South Korea has removed a video depicting a fictional scene in which Koreans are attacked by masked assailants in Seoul, citing HamasSeoul’s foreign ministry said Thursday.
The ministry said in a statement sent to AFP that the video was deemed “inappropriate” and had asked the Israeli embassy to remove it.
The video, which is no longer available on the embassy’s social media, shows a disturbing scene in which a South Korean woman was kidnapped by an armed assailant in the capital on Christmas Day, and her teenage son Forcefully separated from daughter, this clip was published by South Korea. Shown by Korean broadcaster YTN.
The Israeli embassy posted on its Facebook account on Tuesday alongside the now-removed video, writing: “On October 7, Isra Yale Hamas terrorists attacked. 1,200 men, women and children were killed, and more than 240 people were taken hostage. Gaza
“Just think if this happened to you, what would you do?” he added.
South Korea is technically at war with nuclear-armed North Korea, as their 1950-53 military conflict ended in an armistice, not a peace treaty.
YTN reported that Israel’s ambassador to Seoul, Akiva Tor, said in a social media post that has since been deleted: “We have reconstructed the horrific terrorist incident that took place on October 7. To help South Koreans in East Asia, far away from Israel. The current war situation.”
Israel has repeatedly vowed to continue its campaign to destroy the Palestinian militant group Hamas in retaliation for the bloody October 7 attack that killed nearly 1,140 people, mostly civilians. .
Israel says that the Palestinian militants also took about 250 hostages, of which 129 are in prison.
At least 21,110 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in the ongoing Israeli bombardment and ground attack on the Gaza Strip, according to the latest figures from Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry.
South Korea’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “the killing and kidnapping of Israeli citizens by Hamas cannot be justified, but the preparation of video drawings parallel to the security situation in another country by the Israeli embassy and The distribution was considered inappropriate”.
“We have informed the Israeli embassy in South Korea of ​​our position, and the Israeli side has taken steps to delete the video in question.”

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