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New Delhi: The Indian Premier League has introduced a major change that allows bowlers to bowl two bouncers per over in a bid to strike a better balance between batsmen and bowlers. The new rule will come into effect in the next edition in 2024.
This change, which was successfully tested during 2023-24. Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, India’s domestic T20 tournament, aims to give bowlers a greater range of options and add an element of surprise for batsmen.
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‘Small change with big impact’
A player who has welcomed this new rule. Jay Dev AnadaktA veteran from Saurashtra who has set his base price for the newcomer at Rs 50 lakh. IPL 2024 Auction
Anadict believes that this change could be a game-changer for the bowlers, giving them more strategic opportunities.

“I think having two bouncers in an over is very useful, and I think that’s one of the things that gives the bowler an extra advantage over the batsmen,” Anadict told ESPNcricinfo. “So, I feel it’s a very small change that has a huge impact, and as a bowler, I feel it’s very important to have this rule.”

Additional tools for bowlers: Anadict emphasized that this rule allowed fast bowlers to have extra tools, especially in the death overs, where the focus was on yorkers. With yorkers, silver balls and now the option of two bouncers, bowlers can keep the batsmen guessing and keep the pressure on in crucial situations.

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Impact player role retained.
The IPL 2024 season will also retain the impact player rule, which was introduced in IPL 2023. Teams will need to list four substitutes at the toss, and can use any one of them as their impact player.
However, if a team starts with four foreign players in its XI, the impact player must be Indian. If they start with three or fewer overseas players, one of the designated overseas players may be an impact player.

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The trading window reopens on December 20.
The trade window will reopen on December 20, a day after the mini-auction, and will remain accessible for a month from the start of the IPL 2024 season.

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