Insurance drive: Govt may consider health regulator – Times of India

Insurance drive: Govt may consider health regulator - Times of India

MUMBAI: Following repeated complaints by the insurance sector about treatment costs in private hospitals, the finance ministry has written to the health ministry suggesting that health secretary Sidhanesh Pant meet representatives of the insurance industry. So consider their suggestion. Health care services.
Letter from the Financial Services Secretary Vivek Joshi It is part of the government’s “Insurance for All” objective and was written last week. National Health Exchange has been welcomed by the insurance industry. A health regulator will play a critical role in ensuring that this digital transformation is aligned with the efficiency of the ecosystem of providers,” the letter said.
gave NHA It is the apex body responsible for implementing the flagship public health insurance scheme ‘Ayushman Bharat PM Jan Arogya Yojana’. The authority has been tasked with formulating the strategy, building technological infrastructure and implementing the ‘National Digital Health Mission’.
The National Health Exchange is a platform designed to standardize the insurance claims process. It aims to make cashless claim settlement more efficient and transparent.
According to insurers, the framework for digitizing health services is already in place. There is a National Accreditation Board for hospitals and healthcare providers, and a unique health identifier for every citizen called the Ayushman Bharat Health Account or ABHA, which allows individuals to digitally store their health records. Allows storage and sharing with healthcare providers.
However, they are yet to be fully implemented. The biggest challenge is that the central government cannot issue any directive as health is a state subject. There have been suggestions that insurance companies could push the implementation forward by insisting on registration and accreditation.

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