Infants die with same symptoms, medical officers show different reasons | Visakhapatnam News – Times of India

Infants die with same symptoms, medical officers show different reasons | Visakhapatnam News - Times of India

VISAKHAPATNAM: At least 10 children died with more or less the same. Symptoms In a tribal pocket over a period of four months Uluri Sitaram Raju DisttInstilling fear in mothers of newborns. It may be noted that all the dead infants are less than 115 days old and belong to Lakshmi Peet Panchayat of Pedabiyalu Mandal. Of the number of deaths, only four deaths occurred in Kalamula village of Lakshmi Peta Panchayat. Medical officers admitted that only six deaths, three boys and three girls, were reported in the last four months and various causes of death were given.
Infants with symptoms of flatulence, urinary retention and sometimes vomiting have died. All these deaths were reported in Kolomula, Balapoprai, Kadasingi and other villages. Five deaths were reported in 30 days (November 17 till now).
District Collector Sumit Kumar told TOI that he has come to know about 10 deaths in the last four months. Yet the medical staff assessed the situation and identified only six deaths, not of mysterious diseases but of various causes. “We have already started medical camps in villages. We will take action against those responsible, if any,” he said.
Adivasi Porta Committee convener Rama Rao Dora alleged that the descriptions of the medical staff were not adequate. He accused them of always blaming the people and their habits and not paying attention to proper diagnosis.
A male child of M Neelamma and Sereno of Kulmula village was brought dead to the Community Health Center of Munchingpur mandal. Doctors said the boy died of necrotizing enterocolitis (a common disease in the intestinal tract in which the tissue lining the intestine becomes inflamed and dies).
A 13-day-old baby girl of V Anushka and V Balraju of Balparai died at home due to craving for milk. Another baby girl of Vantala Pushpalamma and Ram Babu of Kalamula village died at home at the age of 41 days due to suspected necrotizing enterocolitis.
An infant girl of Kludu Gunma and Abidura of Kulmula village died at 35 days of age due to premature birth at home due to craving for milk after seizures. A baby boy of Jarsangi Anita and Bharat of Kadasingi died at home due to sudden infant death syndrome at the age of 62 days, another boy of K Joshna and Surinarayana of Kulmula village at the Community Health Center (CHC), doctors said. He died. 115 days old due to pneumonia with seizures.
Dr Nikhil of Pedabialu PHC told TOI that he had conducted a health survey and a neonatal death assessment in Kulmula on December 14. “There are 55 households in the village and there are 40 children, including 12 under the age of one year and 4 between one year. and two years, and 26 children between the ages of three and five. Of which There are 37 healthy children and three are suffering from cold and cough,” said Dr Nikhil of the PHC.
The leaders of the tribal association alleged that the medical staff was only showing the village of Kulmula. Deaths were reported in other villages of Lakshmi Peta Panchayat. District Medical and Health Officer (DMHO) Jamal Pasha said that they will continue the medical camp in the villages for another 10 days and will also review with the concerned medical staff.

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