India’s judicial authorities have ‘no jurisdiction’ in Nikhil Gupta case: Czech justice ministry | India News – Times of India

 India's judicial authorities have 'no jurisdiction' in Nikhil Gupta case: Czech justice ministry | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Czech Justice Ministry spokesman Vladimir Repka on Friday said India’s judicial authorities have “no jurisdiction” over Nikhil Gupta’s case.
This comes days after Gupta’s family approached the Supreme Court seeking intervention in the matter.
“No judicial authorities of the Republic of India have jurisdiction over this matter, the case is under the jurisdiction of the competent authorities of the Czech Republic,” Repka said.
The United States has requested Gupta’s extradition from the Czech government, and related proceedings are currently ongoing. The US has accused Nikhil Gupta of conspiring with the Indian government to kill the Khalistani terrorist. Group Tunat Singh Pinan.

PM Modi broke his silence on the conspiracy to kill Pinan on American soil, what did he say?

Nikhil Gupta’s petition in the Supreme Court alleged that he was “forced to eat beef and pork during his detention in Czech custody.” The petition further claimed that Gupta was also denied consular access, the right to contact his family in India and the freedom to seek legal representation.
Repka also rejected allegations that Gupta was not being provided adequate food in jail.
“If a person does not have a defense counsel in cases where one is required, a defense counsel should be immediately appointed by the competent court,” Repka told PTI in an email replying to a query. will be done.”
“According to available information, Nikhil Gupta has been represented by his preferred defense counsel, Peter Slipeka, in extradition proceedings to a foreign state,” he said.
The Ministry of External Affairs clarified on Thursday that India has obtained consular access three times to meet Nikhil Gupta.
“This is a legal issue. An Indian national is in the custody of the Czech Republic. An extradition request by the US is pending there. We have obtained consular access three times. We are providing all possible consular assistance in this matter. are.” said the MEA.
Prime Minister earlier this week Narendra Modi Reacting for the first time to US allegations of India’s involvement in a plot to kill a Sikh extremist, New Delhi said it would examine any evidence provided by Washington.
pm Modi Reaffirmed India’s commitment to the rule of law and said it was ready to look into the matter if it was provided with any such information.
He said, “If anyone provides us with any information, we will definitely look into it. If any of our citizens have done something good or bad, we are ready to see it. Our commitment to the rule of law is taken.”
Prime Minister Modi’s comments came after the White House said it was treating the alleged conspiracy “extremely seriously” and had taken up the matter with the Indian government.
However, PM Modi ruled out any diplomatic damage over the incident.
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