Indians held in France over trafficking could leave Monday | India News – Times of India

 Indians held in France over trafficking could leave Monday | India News - Times of India

VATRY: Most of about 300 The Indian Suspects detained near Paris travel by plane Human trafficking will be free to resume his journey on Monday, French judicial sources said on Sunday.
gave Airbus A340 to Nicaragua And its 303 Indian passengers have been detained. Vitry Airport150 kilometers (95 miles) east of Paris, since arriving on Thursday Dubai to refuel after an anonymous tip that it was carrying potential victims of human trafficking.
Four French judges began questioning the passengers on Sunday to confirm the “circumstances and purposes” of their trip, and have given passengers two days to speak.
Judges have the power to extend detention, but Paris prosecutors told AFP they expected the plane and its passengers to be cleared for departure late Monday morning, with no destination. Named.
Passengers of the Romanian company Legend Airlines flight are stranded at the airport. Among them are 11 unaccompanied minors, according to Paris prosecutors.
The two passengers have been detained since Friday to “verify” whether their role “could be different from others in this transport, and under what circumstances and with what purposes.”
Sources close to the case said that ten passengers have applied for political asylum.
A tarpaulin covered the glass exterior of the entrance hall and nearby administrative buildings, while police and gendarmes blocked access.
Individual beds have been installed, as well as toilets and showers, the local prefecture said.
The Indian embassy in Paris posted on X on Saturday that “consular staff of the embassy” were on site to work with French authorities for the “welfare” of the detained passengers for a “speedy resolution of the situation”.
30 crew members were not detained. Some handled the Dubai flight leg and others handled the Managua flight. According to Flightradar24, Legend Airlines has only four aircraft.
Sources close to the inquiry told AFP that some of the Indian passengers were possibly workers in the United Arab Emirates who were heading to Nicaragua as a jumping-off spot for the US or Canada.

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