India will examine any information on plot to kill Khalistani extremist in US: PM Modi | India News – Times of India

 India will examine any information on plot to kill Khalistani extremist in US: PM Modi | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi For the first time, responding to US allegations of India’s involvement in a plot to kill a Sikh extremist, New Delhi will examine any evidence provided by Washington.
In a special Interview with the Financial Times, PM Modi He added that “a few incidents” would not affect India-US relations.
Last month, the US Department of Justice charged an Indian citizen with conspiracy to kill a Sikh. terrorist Arrested on American soil, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu alleged that an Indian government official was also involved in the plot.
Breaking his silence on the matter, PM Modi reaffirmed India’s commitment to the rule of law and said he was ready to look into the matter if any such information was provided to him.
He said, “If anyone provides us with any information, we will definitely look into it. If any of our citizens have done something good or bad, we are ready to see it. Our commitment to the rule of law is taken.”
Prime Minister Modi’s comments came after the White House said it was treating the alleged conspiracy “extremely seriously” and had taken up the matter with the Indian government.
However, PM Modi ruled out any diplomatic damage over the incident.
“There is strong bipartisan support for the strengthening of this relationship, which is a clear indication of a strong and stable partnership.
“Cooperation in security and counter-terrorism has been an important part of our partnership… it is not appropriate to link a few incidents to diplomatic relations between the two countries,” the prime minister told the Financial Times.
PM Modi also expressed deep concern over the activities of Khalistani groups abroad, saying such elements are engaged in “intimidation and incitement of violence under the guise of freedom of expression”.
The prime minister’s remarks can be seen in the backdrop of increasing Khalistani activities in countries like the US and Canada in recent months.
India has raised the issue of Khalistani extremists targeting Indian consulates and threatening diplomats before both the US and India.
Panon, who has been labeled a terrorist by New Delhi, had also openly issued threats against India. He currently resides in New York.
A major diplomatic row between Canada and India also arose after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in September linked New Delhi to the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Najjar in June.
New Delhi dismissed the Canadian allegations as baseless.
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