India begins its 1st winter expedition to Arctic today | Goa News – Times of India

India begins its 1st winter expedition to Arctic today | Goa News - Times of India

Panaji: On Tuesday, India will begin its first winter expedition to the Ny-Alesund research base. SvalbardNorway, where National Center for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) has a research station, Hamadri. The expedition and associated experiments will continue until the end of March, and the research teams will spend a month each in the cold climate.
NCPOR Director Thimban Melut said the research will help in data collection. Environmental processes such as aurora borealis (northern lights), Environmental electricity During the winter, and other space physics studies.
“We’re doing winter expeditions for the first time to do some experiments that we couldn’t do in the summer. The Arctic is warming dramatically, and the impact is being felt around the world, so it’s important. Data should be collected throughout the year. And make sure there are no gaps in knowledge,” Maillot told TOI.
The first team of researchers will consist of four scientists who will travel by flight. Hamadri Research Stationwhere temperatures have been known to drop to -14C.
Climate experts have found that the average temperature in the Arctic region has increased by four degrees Celsius over the past 100 years. Arctic sea ice formed by freezing seawater is shrinking at a rate of 13 percent per decade, alarming scientists around the world.
“Study of this region, the Arctic sea ice, is important for understanding how it affects the Indian monsoon and tropical climate. This will give us a better understanding of the Arctic and Indian rainfall patterns,” Melath said. “
The director and the first team of researchers were in Delhi to meet Earth Science Minister Kiran Rijiju. The minister formally launched the campaign.
The Government of Norway is assisting India in logistics and research work during the Arctic winter, which is mostly shrouded in darkness. Above the Arctic Circle, the sun stays below the horizon, making the region dark and cold.
NCPOR is expanding its operations in the Arctic and has already begun research activities in the Canadian High Arctic, Maillot said. Plans are also underway to start scientific studies in Greenland next year.

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