Improvement in Air Quality: Stiff Breeze Clears Up City’s Air | Kolkata News – Times of India

Improvement in Air Quality: Stiff Breeze Clears Up City’s Air | Kolkata News - Times of India

Kolkata: A tough one the wind The air in the city cleared, improving the quality from ‘poor’ to ‘moderate’ on Thursday. Average Air quality index (AQI), which was in the range of 201-300, became 101-200, providing relief from respiratory distress amid pollution.
Winds of up to 8 km/h in the morning, and clear skies improved the air quality rapidly. The Fort William Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station showed an AQI of 218 in the morning, but by afternoon it had dropped to 182. In Ballyganj, the AQI dropped from 192 at 5 am to 165 by 1 pm.
Thermal inversions in winter, due to less radiative heating at the Earth’s surface, tend to trap fine particles in the atmosphere, increasing PM2.5 concentrations and making the air plainly polluted. Experts said that the current improvement in Kolkata’s AQI can be attributed to the influence of meteorological factors, particularly strong wind systems. “Human intervention can be effective in curbing local-level pollution, but for regional-level healing of air, nothing comes close to meteorology,” said Kalyan Rudra, chairman of the West Bengal Pollution Control Board, West Bengal. Pollution Control Board Chairman Kalyan Rudra said. “A strong one Air system Helps disperse contaminants quickly, greatly negating thermal inversion.
The minimum temperature on Thursday was 15.2°C (normal) and the maximum was 24.4°C, two notches below normal. The Meteorological Department says that the next two days will remain like this, but the temperature is likely to rise from Saturday. Currently, northerly winds from Sikkim are blowing in the city, keeping the temperature low. But meteorologists expect a change after warm and humid winds blow from the Bay of Bengal. Regional Meteorological Center Director (Weather) GK Das said, “Mercury is expected to rise by two to three degrees after the change of air system. On Christmas date, the minimum temperature will be 16°C-17°C. can

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