‘I went through holocaust’: Israeli-French hostage Mia Schem describes her order in Hamas captivity – Times of India

'I went through holocaust': Israeli-French hostage Mia Schem describes her order in Hamas captivity - Times of India

New Delhi: 21-year-old Israeli-French tattoo artist Mia Schemm recently shared her harrowing experience of being held captive by Hamas. Gaza For 54 days. In his first interview after his release, Schem revealed the severity of his ordeal, saying, “I am one The Holocaust. Everyone is one there. terrorist
In an interview with Israel’s Channel 13, Schemm recounted her ordeal, saying, “I wanted to present the real situation about the people living in Gaza, who they really are and what I’m doing there. What have I been through?” She described her experience as a personal Holocaust, saying, “I’ve been through the Holocaust. Everyone there is a terrorist.”
Schemm was abducted from a music festival in southern Israel on October 7 and was among several parties held hostage by Hamas. During her captivity, she was placed with a civilian family linked to a terrorist group, causing her to question her living conditions, particularly the presence of children and a wife in the home.
After his release as part of a temporary truce between Hamas and Israel, Schemm took to Instagram to express his resilience and defiance. He showed off a new tattoo with the date of the attack that reads, “We’ll dance again”. Her post reflected her determination to overcome the trauma, saying, “I will never forget October 7, 2023. The pain and fear, the hard places, the friends who won’t come back, and the ones who bring us back. But we will win, we will dance!”
Schem’s captivity gained attention when Hamas released a video showing her being treated by a veterinarian for an injury to her right arm. The video raised concerns about the nature of his treatment and the conditions of his confinement.
Upon his release on November 30, 2023, as part of a hostage exchange agreement amid a temporary ceasefire. The nature of his injuries and the details of his surgery in Gaza have not been disclosed. Schemm was one of 240 hostages taken from southern Israel to Gaza during the October 7 Hamas offensive, which also resulted in more than 1,200 deaths.
Schemm’s account adds to the complex narrative of those held hostage during the October 7 attack and highlights ongoing tensions and humanitarian concerns in the region.

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