I-T: Raids on MP Sahu led to seizure of 351 crore in cash, 2.8 crore jewellery | India News – Times of India

 I-T: Raids on MP Sahu led to seizure of 351 crore in cash, 2.8 crore jewellery | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Launched by the search expedition Income Tax Department In the premises attached to the Congress Rajya Sabha MP Dheeraj Sahu This resulted in the seizure of undisclosed cash worth over Rs 351 crore and unaccounted jewelery worth over Rs 2.8 crore.
A statement issued by the tax department said that a major chunk of cash worth Rs 329 crore was recovered from obscure and dilapidated buildings, hidden chambers and hidden safe houses in small towns of Odisha including Sudapada. Hidden as an unoccupied residence located in Tatlagarh in Bolangir district and Khetrajpur in Sambhalpur district.

Congress leader Dheeraj Sahu’s first reaction to IT raids: ‘This money has nothing to do with Congress or any other political party’

“The operation covered more than 30 premises spread across 10 districts of Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal. The group’s business is controlled by a family based in Ranchi, Jharkhand. One of the group’s family members Also a politically exposed person. Lives in Ranchi,” Sahu said in the statement without naming him.
The tax department said that a large amount of incriminating evidence in the form of documents and digital data was found and seized during the search operation. Preliminary analysis reveals records of unaccounted sales of country liquor, systematic details of unidentified cash receipts and unaccounted cash movements.

It said that key employees looking after the group’s business activities have admitted that the cash represents unaccounted income for the group.

The agency said, “This has been confirmed by a family member who is active in the business. The facts revealed during the search operation show that the gang has massively suppressed the income from the liquor business.” I have been involved,” the agency said.

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