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Siddha Chandran Was in Lucknow recently and though it wasn’t her first visit to the city, the actress said she can’t help but fall in love with it every time she comes here. “A trip to Lucknow never fails to amaze me with its richness in culture and heritage,” said the actress, who was then seen on the show. The cord.
She added, “I went to Imambara and saw Roman Gate, and ate the famous chaat at Hazratganj. Once when I was in the city a while back, having heard so much about Bhol Bholia, I was eager to visit the place. At first, when I entered, it seemed very complicated to me, but as we moved around Bhol Bholia, I was able to smooth my way through it. I believe in the same way, it defines our life as well. For me, visiting forgot forgot It was a life lesson.”
Sudha Chandran in Lucknow

Sudha Chandran in Lucknow

On choosing between dancing and acting!
“Dance and acting go hand in glove in my life. Why would anyone want to give up one thing for another? Did our mother ever give up her household duties to pursue a career? Women are the best.” Time manager and multi-tasker. Acting is an extension of dance. People today tell me that I have the ability to speak with my eyes, because of dance. The thought process necessary for understanding emotions, expressions and acting. Timing is best understood when you are a dancer or an actor. Many things make a good actress including dancing.
‘I won’t give up TV’
Despite her long presence in the industry, Sudha believes that Film industry It has not yet received the recognition it deserves. “Having started my journey with films, I regret that the film industry has not done me honest justice. I would have consoled myself if TV had not accepted me thinking that maybe I wasn’t meant for it. However, I became one of those TV actresses who survived long enough to play sweet roles in the industry when The TV industry If you have faith in me, why is the film industry not trusting me? Especially after giving hits like Malamaal Weekly, I am nowhere. When people ask me why I am not doing films, I say when you say, then you will do it. I don’t want to be disloyal to the TV industry. I will not leave TV, because it has given me everything, unlike the film industry which has not given me opportunities when I wanted them.
Siddha Chandran

Siddha Chandran

‘When you’re playing a negative role, it’s more difficult if you’re not that kind of person.’
Ask Sudha about doing mostly vampish roles and she says, “In all mediums, negative roles persist, it’s just that television hammers her for longer than films, which makes her The effect is astonishing. Ravana’s presence is essential to glorify Rama. I always say that for every protagonist, the antagonist must be very strong. When you are playing a negative character, it becomes more difficult. If you are not that kind of person. When people meet me and say you are such a positive person in real life, how can you play such a negative character? The challenge is bigger when you have to face your character. The opposite has to be done.
On shooting in Varanasi
Sudha shot extensively for her latest show Dori in Varanasi. Everything about Benares is special and sacred to me, especially the things to see and do Ganga Aarti For which many people come together. Taking that holy dip in the Ganga was something I had never thought of in my entire life because of my fear of water. Luckily, I got a chance to take the dip as a scene in my upcoming serial called for it. Some of my pops would have been washed away too.
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