How Israel-Palestine war has made Google change its 14-year-old employee message board – Times of India

How Israel-Palestine war has made Google change its 14-year-old employee message board - Times of India

Google is reportedly making changes to its popular internal message board, Memegen. Reason: Increased fighting between employees over the war in Gaza. According to a New York Times report, for about 14 years, Memigan There has been a place for Google employees Blowing off steam, sharing jokes and criticizing the company. However, recent debates about the war in Gaza have prompted Google to take action. Google executives, after seeing employees banter about the war in Gaza in recent months, are making big changes to lower the temperature on their company’s beloved message board, according to the documents. Reviewed by The New York Times.
What changes are Google making to message boards?
Some of the major changes include the removal of the thumbs-down button, the report said. Well-liked memes rise to the top of Memegen based on these votes. The unpopular soon fade from view. Another change is the removal of metrics that allow people to see how popular other employees’ memes have become.
Google reportedly said it was making the changes, which will take effect later this year, based on feedback from employees who said thumbs-down votes made workers feel bad, and Metrix posted on message boards. felt very competitive.
The Times reported that the changes to Memegen stemmed from a marked increase in negativity and strife on the platform, particularly surrounding the war in Gaza. The company views coordinated downvoting as a bullying tactic and implemented the changes in late 2023 after a surge in employee complaints.
Despite the changes, employees will still be able to post and comment on Memegen, and light ribbing of the company will be allowed. However, it will still be against the rules to attack or abuse individuals.
Why some employees are nervous about changes.
However, some employees fear the changes will stifle free speech and turn Memegen into a boring corporate message board. The clash reflects a growing tension between Google’s famous employees and executives trying to rein in the company’s culture.
The report details the history of Memegen and how it has been used by employees to provide real-time commentary on company events, even directly polling employee reactions. The piece also mentions that while some executives have been grilled on Mimigan, they generally seem to accept it as part of the company’s culture.

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