How EU’s ‘bad news’ for Google and Facebook may now hurt Pornhub, Stripchat and XVideos – Times of India

How EU's 'bad news' for Google and Facebook may now hurt Pornhub, Stripchat and XVideos - Times of India

gave United EuropeOf Digital Services Act (DSA) which has not been such good news for the biggest tech giants including Google and Facebook Parent Meta is now confused Adult content websitesPornhub, Stripchat and XVideos. The websites are included in the list of platforms that are subject to the strictest regulation under the European Union’s DSA.
In April this year, the EU announced a preliminary list of 17 so-called very large online platforms (VLOPs) and two very large online search engines (VLOSE) designated under the DSA. This first list did not include any adult content sites. With the addition of these three platforms, that changes.
What is the big change?
Currently, none of the three websites require visitors to undergo strict age verification (ie, age verification) before accessing content. However, this may change in the region as a result of all three being designated as VLOPs. All three websites have four months to bring their services in line with the additional DSA requirements – meaning they have until the end of April to make any necessary changes.
Why this change?
The designation is the result of an investigation by the European Commission which concluded that the three services met the threshold of 45 million average monthly users in the EU. The Commission, which is responsible for monitoring compliance with the VLOPs with the DSA, also reiterated today that creating a safe online environment for children is an enforcement priority.
Other DSA responsibilities at VLOPs include documenting and analyzing any “specific systemic risks” that may pose to their services regarding the spread of illegal content and content that threatens fundamental rights. are – with responsibility for preparing risk assessment reports, which should be shared initially. Commission and later to be made public. “These measures may include adapting their terms and conditions, interfaces, moderation processes, or algorithms,” the commission notes. “The Commission’s services will carefully monitor the compliance of the DSA obligations by these platforms, in particular with regard to measures to protect minors from harmful content and to prevent the dissemination of illegal content,” the EU said. The EU added: “Commission services stand ready. Engage closely with newly designated platforms to ensure that they are properly addressed,” it added.

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