How AI may end up being a ‘threat’ to these Google employees – Times of India

How AI may end up being a 'threat' to these Google employees - Times of India

According to a report by The Information, a dark shadow is hanging over Google’s ad sales team. It is said in the report that Google A drastic restructuring could be considered – potentially affecting 30,000 employees. The catalyst? Artificial intelligence.
The report shows that Google aims to automate key parts of its ad sales operations, relying on AI-powered tools to handle tasks currently performed by human teams.
Google’s own AI innovations, particularly its powerful campaign planning tool, Performance max are behind the restructuring. The tool, which launched in 2021, has reportedly become increasingly sophisticated, raising questions about the need for dedicated human sales support.
The potential impact of such a change can have a profound effect on employees. The report clarifies that the current widespread use of AI tools will not lead to job losses. Even if Google does — and in all likelihood it will — restructure the team, then employees could be integrated into other teams.
“Some employees expect the changes to be announced next month,” the report said. If confirmed, Dismissal Will likely span a variety of roles, from account managers to campaign specialists, sending shockwaves through the industry.
Using AI: A Double-Edged Sword?
Several factors are driving Google’s AI. First, competition in the advertising landscape is fierce. Facebook, Amazon, and other tech companies are aggressively vying for advertising dollars, putting pressure on Google to innovate and streamline its operations. Second, AI has matured significantly in recent years, achieving levels of efficiency and effectiveness that make it an attractive alternative to human labor.
However, the potential benefits of AI come with heavy concerns. Critics argue that relying too heavily on AI for something like selling ads could lead to personalization, algorithmic bias and a lack of human expertise.
While Google has declined to officially comment on the report, it’s clear that a major shakeup is brewing in its ad sales division. The question remains: Will AI empower or displace? Google will soon face the delicate task of balancing the impact of technological innovation on its employees.

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