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The party and holiday season is on and no celebration is complete without alcohol. But, if you are planning to celebrate at home in Noida or Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, you will have to rethink the plan immediately. Wonder why? Scroll down to know the details.
As per the latest reports, you may need a liquor license to plan a boozy house party in Noida and Greater Noida. According to Subodh Kumar Srivastava, District Excise Officer (DEO), Gautam Budhnagar, no license for liquor and liquor on the menu with house parties or community parties is a violation of rules and can make a person liable for legal action. .
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A PTI report said, “If someone is serving liquor without a license, whether that liquor is for sale in Uttar Pradesh or outside the state, it is completely illegal. On this (department (by Excise) will be processed.”
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This rule has been mandated with an effort to create awareness about excise laws. Also, the authorities are now reaching out to the Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) and informing them about the implementation of the guidelines for obtaining occasional licences.
“The department issued 900 occasional bar licenses in November alone, which is the highest for a single month in recent times,” Srivastava told PTI in a statement.
How to Get a House Party Liquor License
According to a government release, there are two categories under which such ‘occasional bar licences’ can be issued to serve alcohol. Under the first category, a license can be obtained with a nominal fee of Rs 4,000 for a house party where the size of the gathering is small. And getting a license for large gatherings or community halls and restaurants will cost Rs 11,000 and both licenses will be valid for one day only.
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Srivastava added that one can apply for a license through the website under the useful public service category.
According to the spokesperson, the whole idea is to ensure that the liquor served at parties is authentic and the license ensures that the applicant buys liquor locally for consumption only in the state of Uttar Pradesh. A helpline number 8882120733 has been issued where residents can report to the authorities in case of consumption of illegal alcohol, drugs or narcotics.
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