Holiday season cheer! These companies in India are giving employees breaks in last week of 2023, clubbing weekends & more – Times of India

Holiday season cheer! These companies in India are giving employees breaks in last week of 2023, clubbing weekends & more - Times of India

Christmas, New Year Holidays: During this holiday season, many companies in India are encouraging their employees to take time off and spend with their loved ones. To compensate for the reduced number of staff members who may need to work during this time, these firms are providing paid leave.
With several holidays approaching the weekend in 2024, many companies are combining these holidays to give their employees extra time off. According to an ET, currently, most of the companies have laid off their employees during the last week of 2023. Reports
Deloitte, a professional services firm, holds an annual company-wide downtime during the last week of the year. Deepti Sagar, chief people and experience officer, said the messaging comes directly from leadership and team leaders are strongly encouraged to adhere to this downtime so that employees can enjoy it to the fullest without any hesitation. can enjoy Deloitte ensures three days of support in this time off. That it doesn’t affect employees’ annual leave balance, allowing them to take breaks whenever they need to. Employees who have to work during this period are given equal leave in January. In addition to annual leave entitlements, Deloitte also provides happy hour leave and wellness leave.
KPMG, a rival firm, observes a ‘dial-down holiday’ from December 25 to January 1, allowing employees to take a break from work. However, work is expected to continue with client commitments. A KPMG The spokesperson said that currently working employees can take annual leave in consultation with their managers. The company makes advance arrangements for planned leave to balance client commitments and employee well-being.
Hexaware Technologies, an IT services firm, holds an annual year-end shutdown from Christmas through New Year’s for all non-billable employees. Chief People Officer Neeta Nambiar said that since the period also coincides with the holidays of most of their customers, the aim is to give employees a chance to take a break, celebrate and rejuvenate. This year, Hexaware is closed for 10 days, from December 23 to January 1.
Real estate platform Nowbroker has added January 1 to its list of 10 must-see holidays. “We realized that the end of the year is when our colleagues want to spend time with their families and so they should be able to do that more freely,” explained CEO Amit Agarwal. When deciding on the list of mandatory and optional holidays for 2024, Nobroker makes sure that long weekends are made possible. Agarwal said the company doesn’t want employees to work on holidays unless it’s a customer-facing call center, in which case they provide an extra day’s pay for their efforts.

Some companies are also offering hybrid work options for those who work during the holiday season. Sneha Arora, chief human resources officer at Bengaluru-based startup Simple, said the holiday season is important for employees both professionally and personally, and the company uses its hybrid work structure to strike a good balance between the two. is committed
Simpl provides meals, snacks, office events and travel arrangements for employees who need to work away from the office for important work. Special hampers are planned to be sent to remote workers.
Software company Adobe holds two company-wide breaks each year, one in the summer (in the US) and one in the winter (globally). For 2023, these intervals are scheduled for July 3-7 and December 22-29. Chipmaker AMD is organizing various activities for employees like quiz fun games, dance, and karaoke during the last week of the year.

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