Hindu temple wall defaced with anti-India graffiti in US | India News – Times of India

 Hindu temple wall defaced with anti-India graffiti in US | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: A Hindu temple was vandalized with anti-India and pro-Khalistan graffiti in Newark, California.
The outer walls of Swaminarayan Temple The temple management in Newark, California, was defaced with ‘anti-Hindu and anti-India’ graffiti.
While the police say the incident took place on Friday, the temple authorities claim that the incident took place on Thursday night.
“A devotee, who lives near the shrine, discovered anti-Hindu. Anti-India graffiti in black ink on an outer wall of the building, and the local administration was immediately informed,” temple administration spokesperson Bhargu Rawal told ANI.
The spokesperson added that the temple authorities were ‘shocked’ by the incident.
Calling it a “targeted incident,” Newark City Police Capt. Jonathan Arguello said the incident is under investigation.
“Based on the graffiti, we believe this was a targeted act, and it will be investigated in full detail,” Arguello told Reuters.
“We are currently handling this investigation as a hate crime, based on our conversations with you and the physical evidence we have seen,” he added.
The incident comes after the US Department of Justice filed an indictment against an Indian national for his alleged role in a failed plot to kill India’s designated terrorist group, Tunat Singh Panon, on US soil.

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